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Download Game One Piece Travel Duel for PC free full version

OnePieceTravel, One Piece Travel Game, One Piece Mugen
Genre : 2D / Fighting / Mugen
Developer : OnePieceTravel.com
Released Date : Unknown

Description :

Another fanmade game on the engine, Mugen, but with characters from the series of Gigant Battle!. All in the game 90 characters. 63 of them are full, and the others act as a support class (plus one bonus game). The main characters are endowed with all the strikes, combinations and specials. blows from the original game.
Also the game has 75 maps. This includes cards like previous games in the series sprites, and from new ones.


The basic Characters Movelist

Take the J key as an example

Direct Download Link :

Hotlink | 336 Mb

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