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How to use Dekstop Mascot?????

 First step

1. Download latest java version,, KLIK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
2. Open the folder shimeji and kli shimeji.exe
3. Enjoy it :)

 To Use Dekstop Mascot

- To open the first Shimeji click the Shimeji.exe file in the folder and your shimeji should appear.
- To open additional Shimeji you should always click the shimeji.jar file. It only worked for me that way.
- You can drag your shimeji and if you right click it it says "byebye". click this if you want to remove this shimeji, but it wont close the application!
- In your start bar right bottom there should be the shimeji icons somewhere ( for me they are hidden so I have to click the small arrow first). I colored them different so you can see which shimeji it is. If you right click those icons some lines should appear, I cant read them either so Im gonna tell you what they´ll do:
- if you click the first line another one of this shimeji should appear.
- if you click the second line they will immediately come to your arrow and wait for your commands.
- the third line will remove all except one of this shimeji, really helpful when they multiplyed too much
- next line will bring back the browser they stole if you cant find it.
- last line shuts down shimeji 

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